The Nubbening

October 2017

Anystage's first foray into horror, we welcome you to bear witness to The Nubbening.  This found footage horror film opened the Spooky Empire Film Festival 2017 to audience acclaim and confusion. In this short film, watch a couple descend into madness as they learn that their new house may be haunted. Available in full on the Anystage Theater YouTube page.

I'm Margaret Thatcher, I Is!

July 2017

The team that brought you Amelia Earhart... In Space! returned to The Capital Fringe Festival with another thorough misunderstanding of a female historical figure!  3 actors played former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at various points in her life, and nobody ever fact-checked the script.


I'm Margaret Thatcher, I Is_Poster.jpg

Romeo and Juliet

May 2017

 AnyStage presented another outdoor production of a Shakespeare tragedy... but with a twist! This production of R & J featured 21st century costumes and music, minimal scenery, and a cast of 7 women playing 12 male and female roles,

Amelia Earhart... IN SPACE!

July 2016

Amelia Earhart… IN SPACE is an original comedy from AnyStage theater, that premiered at the Capital Fringe Festival this summer. It tells the true* story of what happened to Amelia Earhart after her infamous last flight: She went to Neptune! (*Who’s to say it’s false? History is a sketchbook.) But WHY did she go to Neptune? Was she rescued by the planet’s royal family… or was she abducted? We set out to answer these tough questions with a play that features beloved air-travel related characters like Sally Ride, one of the Wright Brothers, and a random Tuskegee Airman! Featuring a splash zone and lots of confetti, the play won 3rd place in the Audience Awards for comedic work and ran for 8 performances.


The Laramie Project

January 2016

This landmark play follows the members of Tectonic Theater Project as they gather the stories and experiences of the townspeople in Laramie, Wyoming following the murder of college student Matthew Shepard.

January 8th at 8:00pm and January 9th at 3:30pm and 8:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston.

20% of proceeds from the January 9th 3:30pm performance will be given to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, empowers individuals to embrace human dignity and diversity through outreach, advocacy and resource programs, and the Trevor Project, the leading national organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender youth.

Director: John-Nicholas Walsh



David vs. Planes 2

September 2015

 Poster by Andrew Brockmeyer

Poster by Andrew Brockmeyer

In a test of the human spirit, AnyStage teamed up with Cox/Walsh Productions to bring this fundraiser marathon of epic and odd proportions. Company member David Koenigsberg was challenged to watch the cinematic masterpiece, Planes: Fire and Rescue 100 times in 1 week. We livestreamed the marathon of willpower on Twitch then subsequently on YouTube.


 27 viewings in. From left to right: Keegan Garant, David Koenigsberg, Zack Walsh

27 viewings in. From left to right: Keegan Garant, David Koenigsberg, Zack Walsh

 Day Planes 2 marathon begins. David and Aria Velz pack up a week's worth of clothes, snacks, and tea so that David is fully prepared for what lies ahead.

Day Planes 2 marathon begins. David and Aria Velz pack up a week's worth of clothes, snacks, and tea so that David is fully prepared for what lies ahead.


  1. David can sleep whenever he chooses but he has to be able to
  2. He can only take breaks during the ending credits sequence of each viewing
  3. Guests can come and go as they please but they cannot draw David's attention away from watching Planes

After a full week in company member Zack Walsh's room, David managed to watch the film 100 times with an average of four hours of sleep a night.

The Importance of Being Earnest

August 2015

Oscar Wilde's 1894 classic play about mistaken identity and upper-class folly.

Performed in the Lake Anne Community Center Art Gallery.

 Poster by Jessi Swanson

Poster by Jessi Swanson

Directed by: Andrew Brockmeyer


  • Algernon Montcrieff - Andrew Brockmeyer
  • John Worthing - Zack Schwartz
  • Gwendolen Fairfax - Bridget Poindexter
  • Cecily Cardew - Ruby Tippl
  • Lady Bracknell - David Koenigsberg
  • Canon Chausible - Keegan Garant
  • Miss Prism - Tremaine Kaleebu
  • Lane & Merriman - Presley Johnson


MAy 2015

AnyStage's first production was one of William Shakespeare's most renowned works. In this modernized, simplified production performed outdoors in Lake Anne Park, the beautiful summer setting juxtaposed the coldness and darkness of one of Shakespeare's most troubled characters.

The Primary Trailer for Hamlet. Directed by Zack Walsh.

Directed by: John-Nicholas Walsh


  • Hamlet - Zack Walsh
  • Ophelia - Jessi Swanson
  • Horatio - Andrew Brockmeyer
  • Gertrude - Liesl Stach
  • Claudius - Aria Velz
  • Laertes - Michael Rosegrant
  • Rosencrantz - David Koenignsberg
  • Guildenstern - Bridget Poindexter
  • Polonius - John-Nicholas Walsh



Poster by Hannah Gregory